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  • ay_papi
    I'd give you permission to swallow my load - but you must request it before you can take it into your throat!
    February 2017
  • Levi445
    Hi Ms Patty,
    I'm Craig (Levi445). Hoping we could be New Friends & possibly more if you'd like. Get back to me at or give me a phone call at (910) 633-8792 my cell, or (910) 866-4803 hm phone. Anyhow, get back to me at your soonest.
    Love Ya'!!
    Craig T.
    November 2016
  • lovherjbf
    Im the guy you found so much humor in my typo, yet on top of it you found it within an untrue accusation. You owe me an apology, My names John. Do you like to be lied about ms? Then on top of it , you opt to take part in it, is that funny? If it is , You have a shabby sense of humor & an even worse way of talking about others that you dont even know.Not that any of it would be any less wrong if you knew me. Im giving you the benifit of the doubt , which is more than what you gave me.
    September 2016
  • devicebinds
    Hello Hotblondenurse,
    If you are in CA sometime let me know, we might be able to go to a party & you and your husband might have a great time! Of course you might be main attraction, ummm
    July 2016
  • mfizi
    yeah owesome
    July 2016
  • Ljohn2
    Like your style....
    June 2016
  • cfcoquin
    Hello everyone, we are a young french couples 25 and 23 years old curious and greedy =) some advice to explore the site and discover vou have you ?? couin kisses everybody! =)
    April 2016
    • hotblondenurse
      Just explore the forums...look at the pics posted and decide what you like...then you can use the sites you enjoy...
    • cfcoquin
      thanks for your council very soon I hope =)
  • masterbigdick64
    April 2016
  • newmister
    Hi! Want to to see more pics of you
    April 2016
  • Anonimalma8
    ill love to meet someone, im from south america, 21 years old, curious woman.
    April 2016
  • dickman23
    love your avatar....these wonderful masks in the kink community, they strip the identity away, that burden...i find they make almost any woman more attractive.
    April 2016
  • dog11880
    hey your ass looks so sexy. do want to fuck??

    March 2016
  • erotik34
    fuck me
    March 2016
  • lovtolickit
    hi nice mask do u get to nyc at all lov to meet u
    February 2016
  • passado
    Thank you very much.
    February 2016
  • buckeyedick
    r u there?
    December 2015
  • travellerss
    greatn suck! ) would like to be in both position, cool
    December 2015
  • goodsub3
    please what are you looking for
    December 2015
  • Becshan
    December 2015
  • bajrangsoni
    November 2015
  • NiceBooty
    Looks like some hot fun :)
    October 2015
  • Twinksucker69
    Awesome!!! I wish I could be BI your side sucking that nice rock hard cock :-p
    September 2015
  • mattf59
    I'll support you nurse ratched
    September 2015
    • lovherjbf
      Have you seen me , jumping in with this and adding derrogatory commentary & childish laughter "HBN," , because Im not cut like that , but I WANT YOUR OFFENSIVE , direspectful input , taken down lady.
  • jackjoe281
    want to see more
    September 2015
  • patrick656
    very nice profile pic
    September 2015
  • Wildblondy69
    Been Gang Banged by Mix race Guys, While Someone Of My Friends Look Out For My Safety
    August 2015
    • edubeddiekink
      White race is the rite race 4 me plz 6 aggressively well hung dominant studs only way I ever took it.
  • Bliss_Master
    What's your Favorite Fantasy. I have this knack for makin em Real....
    Kinda like astro projection but a Better.
    If you're interested Let me knowwww
    August 2015
  • Eradicater
    Hi Young Lady, I can say young lady becuase you are younger than me:) In a week I will be getting some slaves to use so what is the best way, and I do not have any money to buy the items I need? So please help?
    July 2015
  • gatormanx
    hbn - a reminder on the KA issue -yes everyone here that uses KA knows that about other outside search engines but from inside w/ 'Beta' the 'newbies' will not know ... nor will they even know KA exists....(which may be the intent...thats what is unclear..)

    thnx for ur contribution as always....
    June 2015
  • Christine_Castle
    Lovely!! <3
    June 2015