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  • Small update, there is even a bigger version, the version used in shots here is the size XO. (75mm diamater of the opening) The XXO has about 90 to 100mm. See here.…
  • I've searched for it too. It is called Sakurai Speculum. Here on e-bay, but it is quite pricy.
  • Is there any way to see the pictures with the new userinterface? I only can see: SCENES, DOWNLOAD, TRAILER (STREAM), but no pictures button / tab as in the old userinterface. I tried several browsers, but no pictures show up.
  • I found out what one of the first spam mail links do. Then install a trojan on your pc, which sends mails out, to ppl from your adress book. Avira didn't find it, only Kaspersky did with the rescue disk. If you get any failed e-mail notifications, t…
    in Spam Comment by Aerpoweron April 2016
  • I am sorry to inform you, but i got another spam message from muskul26. In this message something called Testoboost is advertised. It sounds more like an advertisment in the satire game Gta 5
    in Spam Comment by Aerpoweron April 2016
  • Thank you very much gatormanx and the kink team for the fast help and the support on the spammer issue
  • New one: leskon41 Now getting messages on a daily basis. I even think there is a group behind all thisn not just bots. Names are to specific, and even a picture was changed to fit the conte…
    in Spam Comment by Aerpoweron March 2016
  • Yep, i guess some bots are getting into here, or even an organisation who tries to get us to their sites. Got also a message from shluha76
    in Spam Comment by Aerpoweron March 2016
  • Got another Spam mail from asiangirlbdsm
    in Spam Comment by Aerpoweron March 2016
  • They sent you private messages, and i set up my account to send me a e-mail if i get a private message. They try to get you on their websites via links posted in the messages.
    in Spam Comment by Aerpoweron March 2016
  • Got it as well, and have to add topfemdom to the list. They want us to go to Please kink, check out what is going on
    in Spam Comment by Aerpoweron March 2016
  • There was a scene with Proxy, Roxy and ArielX, which had been shot on the 22nd of July. Can't wait for it. I asked kink when it will be released, but they coulnd't give me a date
  • here is one, but it is the only one i know of
  • It is called the slink and you can buy it from I just wish i could get this thing in german. But shipping costs a lot and with the Dollar getting stronger it will be a very expensive toy. And maybe some trouble with customs...