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  • Della1985
    DivineBitches - You and married couple Valentina Nappi and Mr X
    you guiding her / helping her dominate her hubby, making him a slave with strap-on, sounding, chastity..

    Sounds hot to me anyway

    P.S loved 'Just the Tip
    May 2017
  • lovtolickit
    i love the idea of the play pen for the men to watch you made my cock hard i lov to join one if there is a place like this for real i am a bull
    February 2016
  • ianlawrence
    wanted to talk ian
    February 2016
  • opiumeater
    made a painting inspired by you. may i send it to you?
    July 2015
  • EJzam
    i like to join divine bitches and i like to stap on with you
    February 2015
  • MaitresseMadeline changed their profile picture.
    January 2015
  • neurosick
    January 2015
  • ad94
    honeymoon in babylon video was awesome, your just great at domming couples, great concept, loved it so much. the video can have a sequel where you sell her to someone and they fuck her in bondage
    December 2014
    • gatormanx
      ur absolutely correct MM is superbly exquisite/sexquisite in all she does
      and any follow-ups to vids that lend themselves to sequels is welcomed
      however, the site 'Cruel Romance' isnt a bonafide/'BONEfide' KINK Site currently actively producing new vids-it is a recently new acquired 'partner affiliate' or spin-off with story based themes-- maybe something they are preparing to venture into
      in the future considering KINK is in the process of 'rebranding' their image and this mite give a platform to include the sensuous erotic story concept towards their new direction.... who knows?.... stay tuned.....

      for those unfamiliar w/ the stunning MM and u havent already chkd out her recent activity u mite find the following interesting....
    • MaitresseMadeline
      Awwww thanks!!!
    • nebs
      i think i would enjoy watching that ad
  • zmoking
    Hi please consider creating a bondage website which focuses on the bondage (bound and gagged) fetish, sort of like harmony concepts. Read this thread:
    November 2014
  • osdonnal
    Of friends that are dommes in the industry. She goes to you dommes and asks for ur help in the issue and one night when we r out partying at a bar you chicks proceed to kidnap me and take me to the armory to help me work out my intimacy issues.....
    Of course, thru that night and the next day one of u ladies or maybe more than one of u guys puts me thru , floggings, canings, spankings, and all of those things u do in order to help a grown lesbian want to fuck, make love to, another woman again......after several hours of ur extreme methods u take me thru I am made to realize that its all ok again.......after giving me that tremdndous release that my gf thinks I need, I am able to SEE again.......
    Can u help me?

    July 2014
  • osdonnal
    my fantasy:
    Ok, a little over 4yrs ago I had a pretty nasty break up with my gf of over 6 yrs. And swore to give up having sex or making love with women period.....truth
    fantasy.....I meat a very attractive younger woman that I become very good friends with and when we aretogether Its obvious that we want one another....BUT, i explain the fact that I have given up Intimacy with woman to her. She tries to understand this and is willing to be just good friends until we can work out this issue ....then shs explains to me that she is into bdsm and she thinks that if I give this bdsm thing a try that it might help me work out my intimacy issues so that we might be able to make love and have the relationship that she thinks we r destined to have together. I just kind of laugh off the whole bdsm issue and am still a bit stubborn bout giving in on having sex with her, even though it is obvious that I really do want her....of course, she doesnt tell me that she works at kink and has lots
    July 2014
  • docilesub2010
    Maitresse..I suspect thi is a question You get a lot..but I am very interested in learning how a devoted follower of Yours can be used in filmed scenes, etc?? Thank You and please forgive me if this is answered elsewhere..
    June 2014
  • slingjack
    I have this other fantasy where the wife tells her husband about her daily trials and tribulations at work. You see the wife works in a car dealership and is submissive to the owner. He has her give him her panties every day when she gets in. He then puts them on the sales board. At the end of the day the salesman or woman with the most car sales gets to return them to her. Meanwhile she has to wear a short skirt with no panties all day long. She then explains to her husband that the winner in car sales is a gay guy. The gay guy enters and returns the wives panties to him. The husband is then forced to reward the salesman for his great job performance.
    June 2014
  • slingjack
    Thanks this is one of my favorite fantasies. I think when you incorporate television and secret parties it gets people wondering what's going on behind closed doors. maybe a good name for the scene. Have lots of straight sex but only for the women. The new member has to be used by the old ones as far as the cucks go to establish a geo,social pecking order. Maybe have the cucks who are cute enough to be in drag(maid outfits) severing the frustrated husbands their favors.
    June 2014