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  • StrictMistressRhianna
    I am Looking for a Submissive to Obey and Worship Me and Ready to Prove your Dedication, Worthy and Obedience to Become my Official Slave? If you Are Interested Kindly Leave your Email Address In my Inbox So that i will be the One to Contact you.
    June 2016
  • Hi to all my friends. I'm so glad to be back, lost contact with you all due to gremlins in the works that stopped me from posting. Thanks to Mike and staff at support department for their hard work in sorting out problem, so now back with you all. I hope you had a merry Christmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year.
    December 2014
  • garem11
    i agree..difficult to look around if u r new
    April 2014
  • Still haven't got a clue what I'm doing. Can only hope that support @ kink will issue some instructions. From what I've been able to work out this has the potential to be good, but help in easy to understand instruction is urgently needed. So come on Kink you have plenty of information on the rights and wrongs of using your site, how about some on how to use this new layout. Thank you from a very confused member.
    April 2014