new site idea

have you ever thought about making a site with gay submissive men serving straight dominant men. Not sexually. But things like feet/sneaker worship, footstool, human ashtray, dog training etc. Its a pretty big scene as well and is popular.

Some guys who would be perfect masters would be Matt Williams, Mark Davis, John Strong, James Deen

I hope it is something you would want to consider.


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  • I read an interview once with James and he said he does NOT do gay scenes.
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  • I wouldn't know about Matt Miss K but isn't he gone from Kink Miss K?
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  • its up to the people who own to ask those men if they are interested in that and i just gave some examples. They can also ask other straight men if they would want to do something like this or even attract new straight men to do this. Maybe James meant gay scenes which involve sex. So instead of thinking in problems, think in solutions.
  • why the label of straight, if being served by gay? if sex is not involved, what does a straight man entail?
  • the fantasy of serving a straight man. Seriously im on a site with tons of fetishes but for some reason i have the feeling some very close minded people are responding.
  • Just so you all know, its a very big scene online. There are sites for this fetish and there is a market for these things since there are other sites making videos. So it would be a great extra site for since it would fit in between the other stuff they make.
  • not close minded, inquisitive. u still didn't answer the question. clearly this is a thing for u metoo. help me understand...
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