why do all of these sites discontinue the download before complete and then refuse to 'continue'?

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What the fuck is up with this bullshit? I happens almost every time I try to download any HD content


  • I am having similar issues! Attempted a download and only part of it was successful. I tried again and got blank window saying "upload failed". WHATS UP?
  • I had similar problems. First loaded OK then froze after 22 mins, reloaded 28 mins, tried again 38 mins. When trying to download first having file open then save & open would not fully download. Stopped downloading at between 80% - 86%.
    Finally left everything alone for about 30 mins, tried again it loaded and ran all
    the way through. Have since tried another shoot and no problems. So must be gremlins in the works. All this happened on the new Electrosluts site. I hope things work out OK for the rest of you. #-o
  • I have this also with new shoots, the 10 new ES shoots are problematic at the moment. Think it takes a while before the CDNs catch up.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • I am having the same trouble with S&S HD content :( Some shoot download OK others will not download or would take days!!!!
  • Same problems during the last weeks on TS seduction and Everything butt. I'am based in Europe, so probably connected to an other server, but same results. When this problem will be fixed?
  • Extremely slow downloads for the past couple days on Device Bond in USA too. I would hope that they are aware of this and are working on it?
  • freezes and unusable even on low quality setting. Totally unusable. When will it be fixed?
  • Same issues on SAS since about a week... I'm connecting from Belgium
  • Hello !
    Same problem for TUF vids from France.
    It worked quite well this morning. I wonder if there's some hours when it works better ?...
    I hope we will have an answer from Kink soon.
    Bye !
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    Only noticed this with *.mp4 downloads, when speeds drop down to <100 KBps for extended period of time, resulting in a time-out.
  • same problem from germany since last week and no problem before
    what happens on Kink sites??
    When do we get answers?
  • Same for me, not sure what is happening but not getting any value for money now
  • Hello,
    there ist something terribly wrong on your site.
    Even in medium-Res most videos don't work online and can not be downloaded. More than a year with sexandsubmission without problems has ended. My new subscription does not work at all.
    That's Horrible.
    And still no message from you
    No information, no apologies, nothing.
    I am very annoyed
    and I read, that I am not the only one
  • Still no change.
    I have made 3 requests to the support.
    Still no answer, no excuse, no explanantion and no solution to the problem of not working downloads or viewing in HD and even medium res.
    I am getting more and more annoyed.
    I Can Not Use The Site. I pay for nothing I could see or download
    Shall I cancel my membership?
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