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Is there a way to view past live shows that a model has done, if not they should start


  • yes other cam sights have this feature and the models like it too because they actually get money when someone views a past show I am Shure the kink live techs are working on it .
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  • I hope they they do and soon, thanks for the reply.
  • they did do it in the past and now some M/models give or for a small fee a copy of their show to the participant/participants esp if its a pvt session depending on the M/model...

    but yes Kink did offer it b4 'Beta' KL and if demand proves profitable im sure they will entertain us w/ that option once again....


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    for the Users who have been w/ Kink since its move to the Armory and the Original 'Daily' Kink Live ModelCast shows (Pre-Beta) u may want to look at M/models who have performed in those early days Kink Live was organizing -some of the sets we were familiar with and some still used today by M/models who originate their show from in San Francisco, California. USA.

    here is a Kink Link to KINK LIVE shows from the past sorted by date
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    Start Date: Feb 26, 2009
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  • I think if you're paying for privates/groups the site should save the session as an archive so you can view it later. You're already paying for it.
    Also when are they going to introduce cam 2 cam? The models are making money on the side off of the site because KL doesn't offer it and customers want it.
  • Disappointed to see that Pink isn't in any of those past (recorded) KL shows. Thanks very much for the link, though, gatormanx - that's an invaluable tip. I know you've shared similar things before. Can you think of any other similar tips for "hidden" things that one might want to know about?
  • glad u enjoy LOYOTER

    Directly with KINK what is there (if there is more i will share...)

    theres a lot of thats got 'loads' of kinky 'dah' interesting topics not directly involving but still quite interesting...(imo)

    theres Fet-Life with discussion 'threadz' about mostly TUF issues (but u mite not be involved there....)

    thnx for your post.....

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