I'm addicted to sex

I'm 26 years old. And since I can remember I been looking to get fuck. The more I get fuck the more I want.


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  • I haven't meet many like me :(
  • Well, I'm a girl and I'm like that!!!!!
  • How do you deal with that ?
  • This so frustrating for me, I can't focus, I can't sleep, al I want is to be used, just want guys to fuck me use me. But I don't want to be alone
  • I have a boyfriend...
    he has some friends too...girls and guys...
  • I have a bf too, but I don't think he is like me.
  • Mine isn't either but he makes sure I'm taken care of..one way or another...sometimes he invites his friends over to play.
  • Hi Hotblondenurse hi i also like all sex and more live for all that i can have and get i am hot for love .
  • Hi John26 would like to say i am hooked on sex and can't Get enough sex especialy real kinky sex and more sex i am sex starved hope you get my shear thanks
  • Hi john26 Yes i am
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  • Hi Kimberly556 iI like rum a Coke it a very nice drink that helps me along
  • Hi Rangarlothbrok thanks for the tip many thanks
  • I like coke and rum but not the kind of coke yall mean hehe. I am also becoming more and more of a sex addict. Esp since leaving my sexless marriage but also because I gave up my drug addiction shit. Now the more devient the sex the better. At first I started getting into younger and younger teen shit. Nothing pedo, 15-19. Plenty of girls that age are DTF but I dont risk it being 18 is the age of consent in my state of texas. I finally found a girlfriend who is as kinky and horny as me and amazingly we both still want monogomy so its really nice. She does not abuse drugs which is good for me cuz if they are around I will consume any and all substances. ESP PUSSY! She even likes the way my cock tastes after I fuck her ass. Its long distance for now and so I am interesting in doing cam stuff if anyone is down :) #monogomy?
  • Just coca would be just fine...image :)
  • I am very skeptical about this sex addict stuff.
    "amazingly we both still want monogomy "
    That is not supposed to be amazing. While the sex can be amazing, monogamy is something everybody is supposed to have.
    You swingers who do over 100 different people a year may disagree with the concept of 1 man 1 woman, but what about all the guys who have a sex life that is 1 wanker 0 women?
    For something to be an addiction, it has to be something you CAN'T stop doing.
    e.g. President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Clinton was in the oval office with Ms. Lewinsky when he received a phone call from a member of congress. You or I would say please wait darlin' I have to take this phone call ( even if she was already under the desk and the fly was down ). But Bill is one of those ambitious people who like a challenge, when you tell them they can't do something it makes them want to do it.
    The president must have seen the little devil in the blue dress looking up at him with those beautiful eyes, and the head in his dick said "you can do both at the same time".
    The result of this is after 2 successful terms of presidency Clinton is remembered as some kind of clown who couldn't keep his pants on. He was not able to assist Al Gore during the 2000 campaign and Gore got a few dozen votes less than he needed to win. George Bush Jr. became President, and this incident became the blow job that changed history.
    What I would like to see is Penny Flame do another video for Kink where she explains her experiance using abstinance to overcome sex addiction on Dr. Drew Pinskey's show.
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