SexyLove69 - by her request 6-24-2014

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by now KL users/viewers prolly have checked this model's show out -whether if u have or u haven't, u are invited to read on.... and its ok if u choose not.... for those who have, she strongly encourages u to tell others to take a peep in on her.....
especially if u know someone and/or ppl who dont visit kink forums and/or KL daily broadcasts (npi)...

(for those who have not checked her out and/or are curiously exploring your kinky side....)
SexyLove69 (Gretel) is a model who appears in the Daily LIVE KINK Shows recently -
she requested " tell everyone to see her ride dildo/dick..."(paraphr.)
its quite amazing and a twisted sort of 'flaire' she has

take a look-see and watch a kinky 'sexploitation' of things to cummmmm
the whats, whys, hows, whens, wherefores, where-is, whereto's (where toes), ....etc... we shall leave up to u.......

If/when she is playing On-Line here is her id photo and 'info' page she currently has posted....
(Note: subject to change w/o notice and may not be what shows in ON-Line list/line-up of 'women' models NOT OFF-line)

To see if she is CURRENTLY "Live Now" M/models Today -
<{find this pic in the Current "Live Now" list/line-up of Kink Live On-Line M/models (link below pic) "}>
sexylove69-gretel-snippet 04 on-line pic id

Kinky Link to Current M/models "Live Now" On-Line:

FYI about her
<{current inf}>
sexylove69-gretel-snippet 00 a

looks/reads very kinky-straight forward.... Correct?
well, (imo) this does NOT capture at all what u will see and hear when she 'cummmmms' ON-Line.....

replies/comments welcummmmm but not required......
all she requests is to cummmm visit her 'kinky crazie' style show....
its def one that u will remember butttt it will instantly have u wondering what will this girl do next ???


her chat request-
sexylove69-gretel-snippet 00 b chat her request edtd 2x

taste of what u may see-
sexylove69-gretel-snippet 13
sexylove69-gretel-snippet 10
sexylove69-gretel-snippet 03
sexylove69-gretel-snippet 23

what u may and/or may not see

some suggestions
have at least 2 girl show sometime

[additional 'About me' Info]
sexylove69-gretel-snippet 04 on-line about me


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