Behind the scenes

Let me begin by saying that the people at kink are great at what they do producing great videos day in and day out. What I would like to see is what goes in to making there videos. From the time some one likes " The Pope" has any idea to picking the model and watching her get ready with makeup and clothing to getting the set ready and what happen during the shoot and after. I think it would make for a nice change of pace.



  • I would recommend the KINK documentary by Christina Voros from 2014. It's available on DVD and VOD at Amazon and back then it was on Netflix as well. Here is the trailer:
  • Unfortunately, making the video you desire would take the same resources as a regular update. I'd take an extra Hogtied instead.
  • Miss Lorelei, Miss Isis and Princess Donna did a film about the business...I forgot the name of the film but it's on You Tube...
  • It's called Public Sex, Private Lives, and you can also watch it here:
  • Thanks was fun to watch when I saw it before!
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