Special challenge Matches

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i wonder if we could see competitive special matches on monthly basis were the 2 opponent agree at the beginning on the type of challenge no change in rules or in format the points keep counted normally but once one of the wrestlers get to do to the other what had been agreed will be the winner disregarding the score and if the two wrestlers couldn't achieve the target then the match is settled normally according to score points challenges i would like to see:

-Pussy shaving match (the winner will be the one who get to put her opponent in outstanding hold and shave her pussy first would love to see on that type (savannah fox)

-who cums first lose: the wrestler must be in control and put her opponent in a corner or against the wall (new mat allow) then make her opponent cum by (force pussy licking or force tribbing)

-Dildo match the winner will be the one who gets to put her opponent in an outstanding hold and insert a dildo to her pussy first.

once any of the challenge theme is done the winner have the right to do whatever she want to the loser and start RD4 normally where strapon work is essential.



  • Nice suggestion
  • strapon match : where the 2 wrestlers wear stapons during wrestling and awarding points by force fuck each other and the winner will be the one who fucked the other more during the match
  • intresting idea
  • That idea sounds not bad, but the dildos need to be small for the closed holes. It's the same as by the "anal surrender match" were the big glas toy in the second round was to big for the closed holes and not really go in.
  • A fresh wind of change to someone blow through the ass)))))
  • +1 for the strap on match
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