The state of Kink Men

Hey Sebastian, I had written to with some complaints, and they suggested I reach out to you on forum pages.
My concern was how updates seemed to be appearing later and later, and also addressed the fact that members were only getting two updates a week (I was complaining because kept responding when they made the change for members to have access to all sites that while they said KinkMen would be updated three times a week, those updates are still only happening two times a week)
So they explained there is only one director for all of Kink Men, and I am assuming that is you. So you are probably over-worked trying to even get two updates out each week, and moving to Las Vegas probably hasn't help.
While I sympathize with the situation, there is no denying that the quality of Kink Men is not what it use to be. When I say quality, I am referring to the frequency of the updates (I still miss not getting a Men on Edge update every week) and also the quality of the films. It seems to be more hit and miss these days as to whether there is a really great update. And with those updates being less frequent, it is really disappointing when ones appear that just aren't as good as you want them to be.
I guess my question is, are things going to get better, or is this the way things will be going forward. Don't get me wrong, in regards to male bondage porn, you guys are the best out there. But we had it so good for awhile, and now it seems that things have stepped back some.
I happily pay for porn that is of a high quality, and is geared towards my kinks. You guys did a great job of that in the past. But these days I am starting to question whether I am getting my money's worth.
I'd like to hear your thoughts in regards to what is going on at KinkMen these days.
I don't want this to come across as a negative discussion. I think the work you did is great, especially considering you are doing it very much on your own these days. But I am concerned about what the future holds for KinkMen.


  • Hi Trev, I have also noticed the qualities that made me pay for the site starting to fade. I am glad you asked the question as I am certain many longstanding members - pun not intended - have the same sentiment. The business strategy of merging the sites is novel, but can it be sustainable?

    Models, crew and directors need to be paid for good quality product and I am waiting for a shoot that will reach the levels of quality I have seen before.

    Boundgods, menonedge and 30mot were my favorite sites, with Menonedge being the top of the list as it brought the extasy of bondage to the forefront; it also introduced bondage to the more "vanilla" type models and newbies.

    I enjoyed the older type format where the director used to show how the model was tied and the care to the model as a person. Being rendered helpless is a fantasy, but it also requires trust. The intimacy of these sessions, coupled with the positive responses from the models showed us that the men could enjoy their predicament.

    We always want new models that are ready to try out something new. My recommendation is to consider some of the older shoots and attract some of the new models and blow their minds with how erotic being tied can be during an orgasm. The newer additions like foot worship, tickling and post orgasm torture should also be incorporated.

    The response to this post is to concur with Trev, the expectation of a customer needs to be managed or new expectations should be agreed and set. The value of your work is that bound gods and menonedge are/were the standard against the male bondage industry was set, and this is slipping, I will gladly pay for the product, however it needs to meet the needs of its customers

    Maybe have a competition where members can vote for 3 shoots/specific scenes that they liked, and then vote for a recent model to go through the experience. The most votes get added and the winning scenes are then kept secret to keep the anticipation until the day of release.

    Also, place a calendar where people could see expected forthcoming updates. There used to be a calendar before. It may create the anticipation.

    Thanks for the forum, but we have been missing repartee from directors and other members. I hope Trev's post gets more responses and feedback.
  • I suggest you, Sebastian, to bring back Bound in Public. It was a great site with amazing updates. I wonder why you guys shut it down
  • Also bring back the classic doms: Christian Wilde, Connor Maguire, Adam Herst, Rocco Steele etc. The doms in the new updates are not upto the level of these guys.
  • Also bring back the classic bottoms like Derek Pain who know how to handle punishment and torture. These new subs are nothing but wimps.

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