Forced incest idea

A single mother and her adult daughter both have submissive tendencies and visit a profesional dominatrix. What they do not know is that both of them are visiting the same dominatrix. The domme discovers she has mother and daughter visiting her and sets up a plan to reveal their secret and take advantage of the fact both mother and daughter visit her forcing them to serve her together as well as each other.


  • i feel like ive watched that before......maybe not......idk but sounds like a good story anyway
  • incest is on the list of topics not allowed in the Kink shooting rules...
  • yeh but if its step family its allowed.....which is what i thought he said whoopsie
  • I think Simone Sonay has done at least on "step" incest on Kink, with a young blonde.
  • Step family is also fine with me as long as there is some kind of 'incest' invloved. I know the scene you are talking about that is both forced bdsm and incest I am talking more about the discovery two people like the same thing and are kind of forced to do it together.

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