Ideas for Scenes

I'm wondering if FM could do a few of the scenes like back in the day. I really enjoyed the FM updates with more than one model. If they could please make an update with 2 girls, or even 3 i think it would be top knotch. Maybe a couple of competitions. Also I was wondering if we could get some updates with a little more KINK to it. I know im no director but I'm sure other members would enjoy mixing it up a little bit. What if you could tie in a whippedass shoot into a FM shoot. Maybe even bring by the nipple suckers or just something different than the usual. The new models and the shoots are great, they are just missing that extra KINK flavor that would turn it from good to FUCKING MACHINES GOLD. I also think it would bring in more members, and bring fuckingmachines back to its glory days. AT THE VERY LEAST GIVE US AN UPDATE WITH 2 GIRLS.


  • I agree with your suggestion @ncdaddy123 and would also appreciate Fucking Machines having the occasional 2 model shoot once a month or so to add a bit of variety to the site. I previously suggested that FM would be a marvelous site for cross promotion with Ultimate Surrender to serve as a venue for a new Round 4 where the winner of the US match could dominate the loser by using the FM stage. This would bring some variety to both sites. Unfortunately the opportunity for this type of cross promotion may no longer exist now that Kink has relocated its production sites to multiple locations. But that doesn't mean that competitors at US couldn't also star in their own FM production.
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