plz no condom scene again plz

edited April 2017 in TS Pussy Hunters
plz no condom scene again . we needs only creampie scene plz . i suggest bella rossi and venus lux . plz do this scene . venus lux do it very good .plz do this scene. thnx for all


  • who agree with me ?
  • No boring unerotic creampie scenes!
  • edited April 2017
    Condom and bareback is debated with the performers if they're okay with it. Although bareback scene looks better. Not all performers are comfortable with it. Which we must understand and respect their decision.

    As for creampie, not everyone share the same interest. Even in scenes, whether it's cumshot or creampie. Although it's your opinion, expect for others to their thoughts as well. Even if doesn't matches yours, and vice versa.
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