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I have been following/in love with ultimate surrender since it's inception. I love everything that's been done and still tune in weekly to admire. I like the out of the box scenarios in rd 4 but to add a twist, how about adding more to the stakes? I think 2 girls wrestling in front of their significant others and the others significant other could raise the stakes, no? The only thing more embarrassing than a forced orgasm would be in front of your partner who's cheering you on! Just my 2 cents, maybe I'm alone in this thought? Imagine the humiliation in rd4!!


  • This was a concept that was discussed in the old forums some time ago, but which never gained any traction mostly because Ultimate Surrender has been exclusively about women and should remain so. While there is a place for mixed wrestling in the spectrum of adult entertainment, U.S. has carved out a niche devoted exclusively to unscripted, competitive female wrestling at which it has excelled. I agree that submitting to the victor and suffering the embarrassment of a forced orgasm should be humiliation enough for the loser, but doing so in front of your "significant other" might be more humiliation than the average competitor could bare, unless the "significant other" was already a Kink model experience in public display.

    However, there have been a few matches between U.S. competitors who were themselves intimately involved on a personal level. The match between Dia Zerva and Dragonlily comes to mind during which Dragonlily was forced to an orgasm on the mat that evoked a powerful emotional response from her as a result of their personal relationship about which Dragon commented in the post match interview. The match was quite memorable for being one of the most intense and genuine contests ever produced at U.S.

    I believe that Holly Heart and Bella Rossi also had a personal relationship at one time that made several of their scenes for Kink equally memorable while adding an element of humiliation to their U.S. matches that intensified the scene. These scenarios make such matches all that much more genuine.

    I think that raising the stakes for Rd4 in some way, however, is a great idea. The contestants already threaten each other before the match with what they will do to the loser should they win the match. This adds to the level of anticipation for the audience and potentially increases the contestants motivation to win. Perhaps they could be more specific about their Rd4 preferences. The ultimate threat to be used recently has been to compel the sacrificing of anal virginity for the loser which seems to have membership approval, but which is not always appropriate if the contestants are unwilling, or if they have been previously deflowered.

    Perhaps an element of surprise could be added to the mix in Rd 4 by having the victor choose a member of the audience or another Kink model to participate in Rd 4 and double team the loser. This would add the possibility of DP scenarios to the list of humiliation inducing scenes. The viewers would not know who the victor would select until the final second which would add greatly to the anticipation. Alternatively, the audience in the live performances may be able to vote online for their favorite third party participant for Rd 4 from a number of different potential candidates.

    There's any number of possible options if the contestants are agreeable.
  • gorgon,

    I'm sorry I thought you worked for US for some reason. But a lot of your "good ideas" already happened and US hasn't been solely all-female when they've been cross-promoted with other Kink brands:
    Kink 36747 US with transgender wrestlers
    Kink 33612 Cheyenne wrestles a guy
    Kink 37754 Mia wrestles a guy
    Kink 15814 Kaylee Hilton is forced to suck Matt's cock (this was pure US)

    "sacrificing of anal virginity for the loser"
    Kink.com a few years back filmed a vaginal "deflower" scene of a popular star back in the day. It was very controversial and even male porn stars had issues, on camera, deflowering her. It wasn't seen as ethical and Kink hasn't done anything like it since.

    "having the victor choose a member of the audience or another Kink model to participate in Rd 4 and double team the loser."

    This has happened ALOT in US matches, especially tag-team matches. I can only recall the cross-over US with Public Disgrace of Layla Storm, 35675.
  • No, I may sound like a U.S. employee sometime I guess, but I don't work for U.S. I'm just an average member like all the rest. Sounds like some of my ideas have already been used. I hope we'll see more of those that have been successful, but I think the key to U.S' long term success will be to develop and promote a fan base for its core group of wrestlers without which it cannot hope to survive. This makes it more important than ever for the members to express their thoughts about their favorite competitors and what they would like to see. I'd like to see each of the models for U.S. to have their own page in the Forums through which they could communicate with their fans, or at least a link to their personal web pages or twitter accounts if that is their chosen form of self-promotion.
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