Models with fat big toes

I have a serious obsessive disorder - lusting for women with fat big toes, chubby toes or puffy big toe...however you can understand it....preferably blonde....In my experience feet of such like women tend to smell more than models with petite /slim feet....and I also believe that somewhere we all foot fetishists look for smelly feet one way or the other...some like stinky others like mildly smelly and very few like fresh clean out of pedicure...Mostly I find satisfaction in exploring European porn, since their models mostly have puffy big toes...In my research American Models tend to have very petite / slim feet....Is their anyone sharing my kind of fetish here? In Kink, I have found Bobbi Starr and Sindee Jennings with puffy big toes....Does anyone have suggestions for models that fit my description...please share names...


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