so few clips for girls struggling to be tied

some interesting clips like Snatch Game by Michelle Brown ; Bondage Challenge 1 by Annie Cruz ;
Bondage Challenge 2 by Isis Love ; Bondage Challenge 3 by Harmony ; Tawni Ryden Back and Better Than Ever!
girls struggled or resisted to be tied directly, though there were only abit
at least not lying there so happy to be tied, then ahah...ahahahah......ahahah..ahahah.....
will be more clips of girls with more struggling or resistence or being furious in some situations ??
hope the great kink sites see me ~~ ^^ thanks


  • Kink stopped "bondage challenges" over 5 years ago. Afraid the girls could push themselves too hard to win and get hurt.
    Kink has cut out the struggles of bondage, as in takedowns and kidnappings.
    Kink wants to look more "consentual" and "gentler", as one forum member has been requesting very recently.
  • Kink has always done a pretty good job of demonstrating that everything they do in their scenes is consensual and not harmful to the models. Nothing wrong with bondage struggling as long as it is shown to be fantasy role play. The problems develop when a scene becomes too realistic and suggestive of potentially dangerous types of fantasies that people might act on. The producers can never be thought of as having condoned such activities that might be harmful. That's a difficult thing to balance.
  • @smlover99 -have you watched Deception?
    oh~ thankyou
    I saw the clip "Deception"
    it seemed to be ... common & ordinary only ...
    is any special for this clip ?

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