so gentle in beating !!??

we can often see clips that girls were whipped or caned to some extent only.
there seemed to be no real orgasm or climax ~
is it possible to beat girls to cry out for stop or try to escape with more struggle ??
not just lying there so obedient with lots of ahahah...ahah..ahahahah.....ahah... then discontinued
hope the great kink sites hear me again ^^


  • I've seen the kind of scenario you are referring to produced occasionally on Whipped Ass or Device Bondage, but it requires a pre-existing relationship between the performers who have some knowledge of each others preferences and desires in order to be successful. This doesn't happen very often but it is very special when it does.
  • A good thrashing? The competition does more of that.
    In the past, Kink has left her with some colorful welts.
  • Not something that I approve of. At worst, I would condone bright pink skin. That's the beauty of hand spanking though in that it is ultimately self-limiting. One's hand begins to hurt also after some serious spanking. That's part of the process of building intimacy and why models should be very cautious about submitting themselves to whippings or canings by anyone other than those who are already familiar with the models personal limits.
  • Correct, my hand gets redder than her ass, and hurts more. Can't keep up with her!!! :)
  • Fun trying though, eh?
  • Yes, but she's asking for attention most of the time. And getting it!
  • Lucky you @KenFX .... or maybe she's the lucky one. :)
  • She's no dummy!
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