Looking for a video

Hello everyone,

Im looking for a video where a girl is tied to a wheelchair and moved in a room. When the door closes she sets free and takes over the other girl and ties her to the wheelchair. I was watching this video a long time ago but can't find it anymore.

thank your for any answers :)


  • The models in that shoot are Clair Adams and Marica Hase. I don't remember if it's an S&S shoot or an HT shoot. Marica is a nurse. Do a model search on her and it will come up in her list of shoots.
  • Thanks for your reply. I also thought it was a redhead and an asian model but couldn't find it.

    Now I found it. Thank you very much. Your really helped me :)

    Somehow it was only linked on Clairs page. On Maricas page its not linked. :/
  • I found it on the Marica page today...page 2...I just posted pics on the Slut of the week thread...
    You're welcome
  • Oh you are right. Its just the model name missing. I was using Crtl + F to search for the name
  • you can trust Chatty's suggestions and responses!
  • Thanks for the vote of confidence MIss Alex!
  • Is there a similar video? I remember wahtching a video where some is tied on a wheelchair. The model manages to break out and ties the other models on the chair and switches the roles.
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