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Hi if possible can you add tab in model search by name or part of a name

Thank paul


  • Yes, I've made that request myself. You'd think that it wouldn't be too difficult to do since they allow you to parse out the model by every other aspect imaginable. However, I was told to use the general search field for model names, which I'm afraid is not very discreet in its hits, returning anything that remotely resembles any word in your search string. Be nice if it would at least employ some simple Boolean logic.

    Try putting your search string for a model name into Google using the format: "model name" I think you'll find that a more effective search tool.
  • If you search by model name in the general search, the top half of the results will be individual shoots matching the search term. The bottom half of the page will be models whose names match the search terms.
  • Thanks Tech Support. I think I gave up too soon in my search when none of the first 16 shoots referenced did not match the name of the model I was searching for. I never even got to the bottom of the screen to find the actual model I was looking for. Will view more carefully now.
  • I've not had any problems searching for specific models...
  • Hello kink_tech_support,
    Several searches for "Chanta-Rose" or "Chanta Rose" resulted in 20 pages of sets some with Chanta Rose, most with other models having Rose as name or part of it. Clicking on the Chanta-Rose links results in "", with an error warning: "Oops, we can't find the model you're looking for at the moment. Please try again later!"
    Would you please try solving this bug?

  • Hi Bilyia,

    Thanks for pointing this out! We are aware of the issue and working on fixing Chantas Model Profile. Because she is both a director and model, her profile got a bit mixed up so we are in the process of smoothing it out. It may take some time.

    I hope this helps!

    Kink Tech Support

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