Bounty Babes Follow-Up

I wasn't entirely sold on the Bounty Babes concept but I loved the shoot with Kelli Lox, Cherry Torn and Lorelei Lee. I particularly liked how self-aware it was, with Lorelei's deliberately-bad acting; "But as you know, the media is controlled by the Illuminati", "We weren't really trying to feed the hungry". (More shoots could do this, with actors just looking at camera and being deadpan when they read a dumb line; I think Bailey Jay has done this in some of her solo work)

It was really hot but especially because of the promise of Venus Lux and Jessica Fox coming in to turn the tables (although a twist ending where they also end up as slaves would be super hot).

No sign of this follow-up though. Is this happening soon? Cuz this would be a great gangbang. Madeline's gangbang was awesome and I know they're less special if they're done too often but some combination of cis and trans girls in a gangbang now and then would be amazing.


  • Cheyenne Jewel's gangbang was the best. I would love to see Cheyenne gangbanged and of course facialized by the bounty babes in a sauna scenario or after an ultimate surrender match in the locker room, tied up by her opponent and gangbanged by her opponent and two or three other tgirls.Cheyenne and the Bounty Babes
    Cheyenne gangbanged 06m00s373
    Cheyenne J tsph gangbang 4
    Cheyenne Jewel gets a facial
    By the way: I would love to see Cheyenne wrestle versus Jessy Dubai or Chelsea Marie or versus Empress Taryn.
    Cheyenne and Chelsea bn
    JessyDubai Cheyenne H010
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