2017 Featherweight Championship tonight

Another fine wrestling championship bout posted tonight between an ever improving Mona Wales and the surprisingly scrappy Juliette March. I have to compliment Ariel for providing excellent commentary as usual and coaching for the underdog throughout the match which I'm sure is appreciated by both the wrestlers and the fans. My favorite comments came near the end of Rd 2 when Ariel in sympathetic frustration blurted out, "Be patient Juliette.... Stay on her back... DON'T move to the side, GOD DAMMIT!" I couldn't help but burst out laughing. You could literally feel the intensity of the match in Ariel's words which clearly shows her passion and dedication to Ultimate Surrender. Well done Ariel.

Mona Wales continues to impress us with her improving wrestling skills and obvious desire to compete while Juliette March put up a respectable defense with a never quit attitude. Although both of them clearly desired the victory, its obvious to the audience that it is the thrill of participating in the competition itself that motivates these two fine competitors.

Compliments also to Ariel, the producers and especially the wrestlers for fulfilling a number of recent fan forum requests in Rd 4 including: some rope bondage, face slapping, thumb in the ass, ass fucking, playful spanking, sexual taunting and humiliation just to name a few. Although these may not all be fetishes appreciated by all the fans, its clear that the producers pay attention to the fan requests and make every effort to indulge those request whenever possible.

Please post your comments about the match to bring YOUR individual desires to the attention of the producers.


  • Well.. What can I say about this match.. One thing is clear - Mona was stronger. And as objectively and subjectively. She fought competently, prudently and well used almost all of this her chances. But about Juliette not like this say. Long absence from wrestling practice, the lack of solidity in own actions, the lack of a specific plan for the match as well as permanent wandering from side to side impact on its result. Personally, I have not seen it the main expense that she can win. Only with the right hints it is impossible to win. You also need to think with your head. So the final result I think it is natural, and Round 4 was only the apogee of this action.
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