I miss Mr. Keys

I really miss Mr. Keys as housedom by Bounds Gods and Sebastian at MoE.
I think it is not so easy to be the director and housedom at the same time and to coordinate all the stuff like hiring models, the locations ( the location for the shoot Seamus and Mike was wonderful and by the way the shoot was hot) and preparing the hole shoot. In my eyes Sebastian does an awesome job and I love his work.
I loved him as sub but I miss him as dom, he looks so hot in black leather.
So I am happy to see him once a month taking his flogger at 30mot. It was sad that in februar there was no shoot for 30mot, the members asked about it and it was sad too that nobody were answered why there was no shoot.
So I really hope to see Mr. Keys back in black leather with the flogger in his hands.
Have a nice everybody
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