Roxanne Rae.

Just watched the shoot with Roxanne again. I don*t think I have enjoyed any other shoot so much. She is a joy to watch and it is so nice to see an orgasm natural without the squirting. Some might find it boring, but that is the what I like to see. I did write a comment after watching the shoot and that covers more about my thoughts overall. Once again, Thank You to all concerned in the making of this shoot. :-* =D>


  • I agree with you 100% i enjoy the squirting videos, BUT when Roxanne Rae and others have those natural orgasm especially one after another and the that creamy wet pussy cum oooooooooozes out WOW! i wish they would show more of the after shot when they pull out the dildo after an intense orgasm and just zoom in more on these types of models, just so you can see the pussy for a minute after a hard orgasms and see the cream. Maybe thats just me though
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