Old shoots.

I enjoy watching the very early shoots of Fucking Machines, and there is some very good scenes and situations. One is shoot 1483 from 2OO3. In one scene the model Veronika is shackled in a chair that has long legs making it high from the ground. I was wondering if maybe some of these early shoot situations could be used in the shows made now, it would make a nice variety to the shows made now, mixing scenes from old and new. \:D/


  • Hello C.U. :)
    Chatty has been putting up a lot of the older shoot pics lately...ask her to post some for you!
  • HI Alex.
    I don*t have any trouble getting old shots for the sites I want to see. Thats the beauty of having Kink Unlimited, I no longer have to ask Chatty or if anyone can assist me.
    Are you and Sonia behaving yourselves, and are in good health.
    C.U. :-* :-h
  • Actually, the same can be said for other Kink sites.
    New people would make it a new shoot. Esp in a new Kink studio.
  • Just a note...the kink people generally prefer to use one thread instead of putting things on multiple threads...
    Cute little blonde though...
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