finally a better clip show-up !!!

There were so few clips before about the loser tied up.
Recently, a better clip named "Little rookie abused and fucked until her asshole gapes" showed up.
Maybe ultimate surrender site could try to tie up the loser further(like strict hogtie) after she was fucked enough ~
Is it very difficult to complete ?? Any support I can do to make more clips.
Cheer up, great Kink sites ^^


  • so nice the new clip !!!
    "2017 FeatherWeight Championship. Loser Assfucked and Taunted"
    i love the loser to be tied after wrestling~
    maybe the film maker heard about me ^^
    Some little points could be tried:
    1. the winner tied up the loser on screen w/o shortcut
    2. wrists shaped X(parallel-type seemed to be boring)
    3. to hogtie the loser after humiliation with ball-gagging, blindfolding
    that became excellent clips !!!
    hope the maker heard about me again ^0^
    cheers !!!!!!!!!!!
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