Badly Behaved Submissive Needs Punishment Advice for Dom

Sir is quite disappointed in me. I am a disappointing, misbehaved slut. Without Sir's permission: in fact after he instructed me not to, I touched myself. This is the behavior of a very bad girl who deserves to be punished. As part of my punishment, Sir has instructed me to find ways to get feedback from experienced Dominants for suggestions on how best to punish me for my poor judgment and grave infraction. I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but I thought I would at least ask.

I am to compile a list of punishments for him to select from that will teach his slut never to cum without permission again. A punishment fitting as a reminder of his ownership of my mind, body and my orgasms. I implore you to help me get back into Sir's good graces by offering him a variety of creative ideas for which to punish me. As part of my punishment, I am to write report on my experience with the punishment he selects after it has been administered. If there is a better forum for which I should post this and the subsequent report, I welcome your feedback.

Much appreciated,
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