Shoot idea

Have a 3 girl sleep over 2 dykes one girly girl (
Syd Blakovich joslyn james piper perri) it's always hot when two girls suck on one girls chest, have syd and joslyn suck on piper perri's tits hard then double team strapon fuck piper, have piper get drilled doggy style and sucking the other strapon at the same time!


  • The idea is good, but Syd has no plans to return. I looked it up.
  • I liked the crossover with Izamar and Ariel. It would be great to see that as kind of a series. You could have a match that has a second part on whipped ass or everything butt! Or even other sites. I personally can't wait for More is of Izamar and Ariel!!!!
  • Of course I could be mistaken, but I think Izamar is not such a big fan of all sorts of crosses. She's a wrestler. Wrestling is her main priority. Her cross with Ariel was probably a necessary measure, which she had to pay for his defeat.
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