Is there anyway to kick these ass bags out that send spam links? They keep getting thru the email filter.


  • can't cancel membership. do not want messages, do not want to be a member anymore. fucking site will not let me cancel!
  • This was mentioned in another thread. We have already adjusted the forum security settings to prevent further spam attacks. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you do not want notifications sent to your inbox when someone messages you from the forum, please use these steps:

    Step 1: Go to the top of this page. Look for the little gear symbol underneath your username.

    Step 2: If you click/select the gear, you will see a dropdown menu - first option on that menu is PREFERENCES.

    Step 3: This will take you to a long list of all the things you might want to be notified of, or not, in the forums. See where it says "Notify me of private messages."? Third item down? If the box under Email is checked, uncheck it and you will no longer get emails notifications of private messages in the forums.

    Step 4: Adjust your notification preferences as needed.
  • @ lacuskey - just send an email to and they'll take care of you.
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