About Evil & Hot Halloween

I am probably the only one who will find this funny. The chosen date of release being Feb 3. Coincidentally my fathers Bday, Now my actual UnBirthday but yet day of conception is Oct 31 (Halloween) for my true birthday is July 30th or New Years eve on the old calendar (There was no July 31st due to August Caesars request..) My old man has been chomping at the bit ever since i mention by looking at our family tree; I had 12 forefathers to William Bradford the leader of Plymouth colony. Williams wife was the first in America to take the trial by water. Now some even say they found Plymouth on Nov 11. Personally I just enjoy quietly the absurd thought of being the 7th son of a seventh son famous for his leadership for Predestination (William again). So this being his 70 bday... just another beer in surf... rock on.


  • Back to funny though. What was the Pope dressed up as with a Yellow Tie? Did i miss the point? Did the girl with pigtails see her shadow the night before? How about Dec 30th? The costume version. Anyway they will be talking about that party forever....
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