February/March Schedule?

Have schedules stopped becoming a thing now?


  • Cheyenne vs Rizzo F.

    Mona vs Juliette M.

    Kara vs Izamar/Penny (handicap match)

    Penny vs Cheyenne
  • This insider from Twitter. And even planned appearance Kelli P. But unfortunately, information about her opponent I don't have. Exact dates of matches and the sequence I is also not known. Let's wait for the updates.
  • In March, the arena is expected to appear Wenona. Her opponent is supposed to become Cassidy Klein.
  • And even planned appearance Kelli P.
    Opponent Kelli will be Brandi Mae. The match promises to be very hot! Watch for updates.
  • Has this been confirmed that wenona will face cassidy? I'd love to see her force kiss cassidy and cassidy melting!
  • @dioncyrk1 Information from the source.
  • Cassidy [yummy] Klein is my fave sexy, raw, wrestling maven. Small by stature but big in heart and energy. i Fantisize to have 'happy ending' match of my own with her! Can't wait for 'bout' with Wenona - it will have to do, damn...!?!
  • Tell you a secret.. Wenona is very worthy spoke about his match with Cassidy. Cass is pretty obviously forced her to hydrate))
  • When is Izamar fighting again?
  • I asked Izamar that very question this week as she said that she had no idea when her bout would be posted. Seems like Ariel has a few matches in the can for posting until the new location in Las Vegas can be stood up. Hoping we'll see it soon though.
  • Thank you.
  • I understand that the schedule for posting matches is no longer up to the producers. The video is shot and sent to Kink's post-production team in San Francisco who then control the schedule for release.

    I submit to the Kink managers, however, that the posting of the production release schedule to the Ultimate Surrender Forum is of enormous benefit for the members and that it should be re-instituted if they are serious about maintaining their customer relations.
  • There are matches that belong to the category "special". Because of their release due to other reasons and circumstances may be delayed. And I think it is quite logical.
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