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Hi Fivestar,

I really appreciate all the work that you do and the quality of the shoots in this site (one of my favorite). I was wondering if you are willing do superheroine themed shoots? These shoots could be Superheroines being being captured and then being subjected to the wonderful perils that whipped ass is known to put models through, for example. The opponent does not even need to be a villainess, but could a be another superheroine. For example, a younger superheroine takes revenge on a senior member of her institution due to non preferential treatment, or a Senior Superheroine putting a younger superheroine though WA bondage due to bad attitude from the younger superheroine. Would you be willing to consider this idea?

In addition, I know a few models who look extremely splendid in spandex, tights, and/or leotards:
-Cherie Deville
-Shay Fox (really loved her scene with Gia D.)
-Dee Williams
-Lily Labeau
-Carter Cruise
-Christina Carter (though I think her WW dress has performed to death)

But, then again, any of the models in will look splendid.

Thank you for your time.


  • Christina Carter & Dee Williams would be my 1st choices
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  • The superheroine theme does seem to be quite popular on the net at a variety of sites. However, as you say, it is the production quality of the Kink sites that make the difference and would attract members despite the fact that so many other sites market this theme to their audience. I'm sure that such scenarios would be welcomed and appreciated. I'd even love to see Christina Carter return to Kink in her Wonder Woman costume that she looks so great in. Would love to see Christina and Randy Moore do a Superheroine shoot together again.
  • I personally think that the WW costume worn by Christina is used a bit too much, but that being said, I think WA should utilize some unique costumes. For example, a high cut leotard with the kink logo in the front for the superheroines and some other logo for the villianess or they just wear a black catsuit.
  • SuperKink!!!!
    BTW, the WonderWoman character is trademarked.
  • SuperKink!!!!
    BTW, the WonderWoman character is trademarked.
    I wonder if Cc circumvents the trademark by calling her productions a parody?

  • Great idea. Perhaps Kink could develop some superheroine characters of its own to play recurring roles in fantasy scenes.
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