Stop getting spammed to my inbox?


How do I stop getting spammed to my inbox? Sometimes I get like 3-5 "mails" each day , usually the same kind of message, about a fake girl that wants to have sex with me (but of course its a site they want me to click on). Of course i can just ignore it but its a bit frustrating when I see that i have 15 messegens and al of them are junk.


  • You didn't mention which email provider, but I'm certain all have a feature to click on to classify a particular email as "spam". So future like emails will instead go to your spam folder.
  • But what about here on the forum? We don't have a spam folder here do we? I've been getting spammed for the past four days here, and I can't even use the unsubscribe service I usually do because it isn't going to an email address, but my profile inbox here.
  • All we can do here is "Delete this message".
  • That's what I thought. Thanks for answering:-)
  • The tech guys told me not long ago that if you let them know who is sending they'll block them...other than that just delete them!
  • Thank you, how do I find them? The tech guys I mean:-)
  • They post messages sometimes here...hand on a sec
  • There id is on a thread about missing can click on the red letters and send them a message...or you can go to the PM part and type in Kink_tech_ support on the address line...
  • Thank you so much:-) As if it was possible, I think hot blonde nurses just went up another spot in my "favorites" list:)
  • Hey everybody!

    If you don't want email notifications of messages sent in the forums, there is a VERY easy way to change that!

    Step 1: Go to the top of this page. Look for the little gear symbol underneath your username.

    Step 2: If you click/select the gear, you will see a dropdown menu - first option on that menu is PREFERENCES.

    Step 3: This will take you to a long list of all the things you might want to be notified of, or not, in the forums. See where it says "Notify me of private messages."? Third item down? If the box under Email is checked, uncheck it and you will no longer get emails notifications of private messages in the forums.

    Step 4: Adjust your notification preferences as needed.

  • Or I can just get rid of this account and stay at pornhub, where they give a fuck.
  • @1smartguy4no1 I see from your account history that you've never purchased anything from us.
  • Our tech support guys are always responsive and take care of things here!!!!
  • By the way, you all have probably noticed that the Forums are the only part of the site left that hasn't been updated. That's because we're still building a new one. So any and all suggestions about how the new forums can be set up better, or any features you might like to see, are gladly welcomed.
  • Everyone should put in their ideas. We girls will talk and come up with some thoughts for you. It is very nice of you to ask all of us too.
  • Just to let you know that the spammers are now trying, poorly, to impersonate legitimate Kink staff accounts now.

    'Kink Unlimiteds' indeed. [-(
  • edited February 2017
    ...I LOVE the forums a lot already!!!!! But I'll noodle on some suggestions guys!
  • @weyoun
    Yes it's SUPER annoying, sorry! We're trying to get them as fast as we can.
  • Thansk for the answers. Just to be clear, I dont mind getting notification from the site about a new Movie. They usaly come to my junk mail but I Watch them. The ones I dont like so much is all the private email I get about "a girl that wants to have sex with me" or have I can get a bigger dick. Its not a big problems but those advertisments is just boring....I like ths ite and the forums by the way:)
  • @Swedish - that is the forum spam, and if you change your forum setting to not receive email notifications it won't affect whether you get promo emails or emails about new shoots.
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