US rules questions?

Dear everyone,

Here we can read and inform about the US rules:
But why it is not possible to see licking and fingering anal?

Is it possible to see after the end of each matches: The loser is fucked hard and humiliated with Face sitting, rough fingering and strap on fucking & 69-ing, 71-ing & winner and referee makes DP with the loser and finish with kissing with tongue (loser & winner) each other?

What is your opinion?

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  • Hello SirMastermind. I don' think that there are any rules prohibiting such action from taking place other than the fact that the Rd 4 activities at US are left to the discretion of the contestants and must remain within the limits set by both of them. That also includes any participation by our beloved referee who occasionally graces us with her welcome participation. If you can view any of the live matches, you can express you wishes online during the match and Ariel will be happy to relate your desires for Rd 4 to the contestants or their approval.
  • There is quite often anal fingering in RD 4, but not often on the mat except in a few exceptional cases.

    Personally, I disagree with anal fingering while wrestling as hygenic anal takes some preparation. Also, if a wrestler is trying to score points, fingers used in the ass may go in the pussy; a big no for a lot of models. There is also the risk of injury while people try to escape holds or work at awkward angles.
  • The winner should have no mercy for the loser. And the loser has to be humiliated in such a way that next time the desire to be defeated had not arisen even in their own thoughts.
  • As to R4, the victor needs to be aggressive sexually, or it's boring. Helps if the victor has dominated sexually before also.
  • Aggression in sexual terms should alternate with aggression in terms brutal. This contrast! Like Fire and Ice... Totally different feelings!
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