Training Day 1

THE TRAINING OF “O” DAY 1: I’m here for training. What’s this all about?

You folks at Kink seem to have forgotten what the training of O is all about. You start the Day 1 video off with the sub already stripped, bound and gagged. Seems to me that’s how we start Day 2. There isn’t much difference here from Sex and Submission and Dungeon Sex. No explanation to the sub about what she is supposed to do. No buildup of what’s to come

In the original French version of The Training of O (TTOO) the boyfriend invites his girlfriend (named O) to join his swanky Gentlemen’s Club. While on route to the club he has her remove her panties and bra leaving her blouse unbuttoned. He tells her when she is sitting she must never have anything between the bare skin of her butt and the surface she is sitting on, legs spread with hands at her side.

At the club they are met at the door by the head Master and she is taken inside. The boyfriend leaves to join the other club members.

This is when O gets the basic introduction of what is expected. (Hands behind back, legs spread, answer - Yes Sir, not allowed to say - No Sir, when mouth should be wide open etc.) Then the training begins.

I don’t think it takes much imagination to find ways to get the sub to the gentlemen’s club. Plus it adds a little spice to the Day 1 training video.


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