99% Dead site !!!

99% Dead site !!!


  • through complete chance I found a female performer who has performed a shoot already ( thanks twitter ).. just hasn't been released on here as yet.. someone DIFFERENT and hot well I think so. just looks like it wasn't in this week's updates though.

    if that was to be the norm on here the site might start to turn around.
  • who was it? i'm desperately looking for reasons to resubscribe but can't seem to find any. This week's update has a fantastic plot but the models were a little too "alt" to get me back on the subscriber rolls.
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    yeah I agree jackk with that.

    mimosa.. BBW performer. by pure chance I happen to be looking at her twitter account. I had to look twice to see what if I was looking at a TSPH update.. 7th december it was dated as. I thought it would have been this weeks update but oh well.

    morgan bailey is the trans woman so looks like a nice combo.
  • Argh. Dean, I respect your taste in women but sadly I am not into BBWs. Morgan Bailey is ok as far as TS talent, but overall that is a combo that would be wasted on me. Still going to wait for TSPH to accumulate a bunch of really good updates before I resubscribe.
  • fair enough well at least it is someone different that is all I was saying. we just got to hope more new one's might appear from now on.
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