A fantasy - Mata Hari

I heard on the BBC World Service a few early mornings ago a story 'bout this year is the 100th anniversary of the court martial and execution by firing squad of Mata Hari. They related how she was so intimidating to men that they believed could be seduced by looking into her eyes.

Taken from Wikipedia.
"She was not tied to the stake, and refused a blindfold. She defiantly blew a kiss to the firing squad.[15]
She has often been portrayed as a femme fatale, the dangerous, seductive woman who uses her sexuality to effortlessly manipulate men, but others view her differently: in the words of the American historians Norman Polmer and Thomas Allen she was "naïve and easily duped", a victim of men rather than a victimizer.[7]"

I propose a scenario whereby, after the trial has convicted her, she is gangbanged by the firing squad after "she defiantly
blew a kiss to them.":
I further propose that the actress that should portray Mata Hari is none other than Adriana Chechik 'cause she is fearless.
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