Model requests for The Upper Floor/Sex and Submission shoot

I just wanted to request Kink to produce some new Upper Floor videos using Amanda Tate and Sophia Locke (both together would be even better!!)
I would love to see them spanked with Paddles (not just flogged) and cattle-prodded/zapped!!

And by Upper Floor videos, I meant the one along with the guests; not the ones shot in the bedrooms.

I read in the comments somewhere, that The Upper Floor is moving some where and might not be able to shoot for a while.
In that case, we can have the shoot on Sex and Submission.

Pls pls pls make this happen. Love these 2 models!!!

Would really appreciate if can accommodate this request.
Either case, a reply would really be appreciated!!



  • is there a shoot with the master slaves like ash kaos and rossi ?
  • the upper floor and guest shoot are history. The final final was Feb 11th
  • Would love to see izamar here but don't know if she would be interested.
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