Adriana Chechik yeah

It's long past due for this triple penetration ass slut to do something harder than HCGB, she
should revive the glory day of BGB. The fact that she hasn't shot for HCGB in the more than
3 years since this exchange (listed below) leads me to believe that there is some bad blood
between Adriana and Kink. It is 'bout time to settle accounts especially in this time of shrink-
ing revenues (seeing as to the $$ that Adiana could provide).

Quote from The Upper Floor Adriana Chechick (sic) Fucked in the Ass for the Very First Time date: September 6, 2013
Sep 7, 2013 Thanks guys I loved this scene Simone is amazing and it the anal part
was a bit tough at first but by the end of the scene I was loving it!! Can't wait for more!!
PS I'm shooting hardcore gangbang this month!!;) AdrianaChechik

Friday, December 23, 2016 7:02 PM
Thanks for writing in. We have checked our records and Adriana Chechik do not shoot for Hardcore Gangbang. Here's a link for this model shoots with Kink -


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