A story for a shoot

I insert my idea. You can change the name of the General, if you don't like it.
"General Rigamoscio and his 2 officers of aa-army is stopped on river's bank by a group of hostile soldiers. Among these hostile soldiers there are 2 women and 3 transex of b-army.
Rigamoscio is tall, blond, with blond moustaches and broad shoulders.
Rigamoscio and his 2 officers come surrounded by B-army.
Women and transex of B-army use their lavish sexual attention on them, in such a way they can capture them, strip them, tie them, and use them like sexual slave, putting their real and plastic dick in their ass.
Rigamoscio wanted to conquer the territories' south, actually he and his officers must come back their home with broken ass."
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