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Hi and greetings for the website even if, i must say, in the last period no updated for which i renewed my membership. In any case i had a wonderful idea that may give Birth to a series of ...i may say 3 episodes. For sure many will try to suggest something but i think it's Worth giving a try because it's really spectacular. Isis Love it's one of your goddes and one of my favorite actress overall and will be the absolute first character of this story. I'll summarize in short:

- Isis has destroyed so many girl in these years and the theme of this serie will be "Revenge". All the girls will hire a new girl (yet to be decided) that will bring Revenge.

1 episode - the "hitman" will take Isis and start the punishment. The atmosphere will be rude. Sexual speaking we are at the beginning and the episode will be centered with titty torture, squirting and pussy fisting.

2 episode - the atmosphere start to change and from the middle the girls start to watch in more naughty way (Stoccolma syndrome). Lots of torture, spank, spit but above all a lot of anal. Naughty and dirty.

3 epidose - still in the roleplay where Isis is kidnapped the girls clearly fall in love, a deviated love. The climax of all depravated thing you can imagine and top will be Isis getting ANAL FISTED. The atmosphere will go to the top. At the end it's all finished and we will leave the girl...planning to start again getting on all their old friends...

Of course it's just a very very small abstract but the idea it's clear. It's very important the role and the actress for the kidnapper. I will be very happy if you consider this idea. I don't care about money, a life-membership will be enough :D.

Best regards


  • The only issue I see is that Isis is almost never a sub (except when she loses on Ultimate Surrender or is dominated by a Man)...and anal is even more sporadic
  • that's wht will make incredible
  • Hi, I'm an italian woman. My English is not perfect so be patient with me.

    I'd like videos (I love "public disgrace") more innovative.

    I'd like a video with a model (Cassandra Cruz, Zenza Raggi, or a more mature actress) dragged in chains in front of a group of young girls (+18... most daring within the law) and then humiliated with slaps and spits on her ass kept open by hands (a similar moment is present in a video: Aug 28, 2009 - Hot Euro slut gets tied up and fucked for the first time!!!! with Leo Galvez, Samy).

    If the model is a mature woman it would be better. I love this contrast.. mature woman humiliated in front of young, very young girls o guys (studs ord nerds is better than a muscled ones). Naked and submissive with very youg folks. A similar idea is in "Nov 28, 2008 - Euro babe gets tied up and exposed to a field of soccer players with Carmen Blue".

    A GloryHole final with very young guys and a mature woman.
    I'm a manager (a "boss" in my office) and I love this contrast, from real to imaginary.
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