Best Round 4 Positions - Huge List / Descriptions - Part 2

Sophia d. Wenona
What happens when you get two fit jocks? Some of the most sweaty, black-on-white pounding action. When Wenona (over 20 fights by now) loses, she loses, and Sophia delivers a fingerfuck as she lifts and carries the fallen adversary, muscle worship, and even face-sitting in one of Wenona's most brutal loses against a newcomer.

Krissy d. Ashley
Our little loser returns in a blondes match. This is another loser match, with 2 losses each, the golden-tan blonde bashes through the ivory white faerie. It's one of Ashley's hardest fucks by someone of her stature.

Wenona d. Rilyn
Wenona is pitted with another fit brunette newcomer but makes good use of her gymnastic abilities in this fight, from fucking the bitch against the wall to making her cocky loser bitch eat her pussy while she's in a headstand.

Brix d. SamanthaS
One of the hottest brunette and blonde bashings in US, it's so hot because they both trashtalk ecah other! The loser literally egs for more punishment by calling the winner names, and the winners wastes no time plowing through Samantha like the brickhouse she is.

Keeani d. kat
What's so awesome about these two cute Asians? They're best friends and roommates. They begin talking nice about each other until the referee turns them against each other, resulting in a brutal bashing.

Juliette d. Iona
This is Juliette's debut match against a one-time loser and she shows she's here for the party. From wiping the loser against the mat like a mop to fucking the loser while she's in a boston crab, Juliette proves she's here to stay and slay the bitches.

HollieS d. Addison
Another hot blonde and redhead brutality, add the fact HollieS has about 12 fights behind her and this is Addison's first. HolliEs gives her a nice welcome to US with fast-fucking and hellish vibrations.

Jade Marxx d. Melissa
OK, jokes on us. Nothing is really brutal here that didn't become the norm in US. Although the winner forces the loser to eat her pussy on her knees as the winner stands. One of the shortest fucks in US history, it is also one of the few double debuts of cute girls and Melissa's hot ass had to be included on this list. Jade would go on to last another season and accumulate some fight experience where she did more than make the bitch eat her pussy.

Lola d. Paris
The most humiliating thing about this fuck is that Lola would go on to become a professional loser. With one loss each, this pretty blonde gently bashes this redhead's pussy.

HollieS d. Mika
The hot blonde returns in one of her earliest fights. With 4 behind her, she faces and then destroys the newcomer Mika. It's a known fact that the earliest US matches had more brutality and HollieS lays into this cute Asian chick with some of the hottest fucking for its time.

Amber d. Layla Storm
Layla Storm is one freaky kinky bitch and it seems she's requested to be brutalized in kinky fashion if she loses her fights. Although not exactly her most kinky, we don't want too much nasty on this list so that's why we only went this far. How far did we go you ask? Not only does Lyla find herself fisted vaginally but she is brutalized in the bathroom and the winner decides she just wasn't a good lay and gets fucked by the female referee, who tag-teamed her during her fuck scene. All after suffering an eye injury. Yes, it went there and so did she.


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