Please help me find a scene

Hello all,
I am looking for a scene that I came across years before I joined. I believe that it is from either Whippedass or Wired Pussy.
The scene has Lorelie Lee dominating (atleast) two female slaves. At one point during the shoot, Lorelei Lee has two slaves eating her pussy at the same time.
Anybody know this scene?


  • Lorelei is one of the most prolific performers at Kink having shot scenes for nearly every site and practically every model who has appeared in more than few shoots at any Kink site. She's a treasure to be sure. Finding this particular scene for you will be nearly impossible without a little more information such as the names or photos of at least one of the other models or the approximate date of the shoot. Please try to post some more data and someone may be able to help you out, or just peruse her individual pages to see what you can find.
  • Hi,
    So I actually think that I found the shoot. (In case anyone else was interested)
    Its called The Audition.

  • Glad you found it. Searching for particular shoots on the Kink site is not always easy, but a little diligence will sometimes pay off.
  • Yeah, there were a lot of shoots to look through. I wish the search function worked differently. It'd be nice to be able to narrow a search to specific sites and specify the number of performers in a shoot.
  • If you know of the Model Name and Site or just a couple of model names, you can try using a Google search and some Bolean logic to find the correct link to your topic. Such as: "Sheena Shaw" AND "Lorelei Lee" AND "Whipped Ass" That will search for sites that have those 3 specific terms listed on a single page. It gave me a hit on the shoot you were looking for. Give it a try.
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