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What were the closest matches in the Ultimate surrender history?


  • Trina Michaels vs Jessie Cox was a tie.
    Harmony vs Julie Night 1 pt
  • Syd defeated Vendetta in sept. 2006 (one point)13
  • Syd defeated Vendetta in sept. 2006 (one point)13
    Yeah! Syd the BEST!!!
  • And I remember as Cheyenne defeated Savannah with difference of 3 points last year.
  • Tia Ling defeated Holly Heart with the difference of three points in April 2010 and fucked the hell out Holly in rd 4.8463_tiaholly295
  • In 2010 was a tag-match, Dragon and Holly Heart vs Isis and Tia Ling with only four points difference at the end.
  • Rilynn Rae vs Daisey Ducati was a difference of 4 points
  • Trina Michaels had a dead tie with a rookie, and was given the loss.
  • Who was the rookie? That's a match I'd like to review.
  • I think it was Jessie Cox, but you can can see it on Trina's stat page; 0 point difference.
  • madison young vs devi lynn
    Arielx vs Dana Dearmond
  • Savannah Fox defeated Penny Barber with three points differenceSav. fucks Penny
  • trina michaels vs jesse cox 59/59 win jesse
  • Closed and equal matches here at all rare. For their implementation required the coincidence of several factors. I think the main reasons these matches happens extremely rarely, are flexible rules and unique scoring system points. In the same wrestling, where the rules are more narrow and standard, equal fights phenomenon is very common.
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