New girls 2017

Which new girls are coming to Ultimate Surrender this year? Does someone know?


  • Always a good question. Ariel will undoubtedly post the upcoming rookies as soon as she has a more defined schedule with some commitments from the girls. Seems like things have been a little busy for her lately.
  • I'd love to see Storm from would love to see her lose and get fucked1472849018_staff_494_57c9e47a57c4e_tn
  • I think that's a UK site, so the travel expense to CA would be a little prohibitive for Kink to justify.
  • Still hoping Ariel can entice Skylar Renee to compete one day.
    Skylar Rene leather 02
  • I like JENNA FOXX & KIMBER WOODS among the rookie class
  • Still hoping Ariel can entice Skylar Renee to compete one day.
    Skylar Rene leather 02
    In the situation with Skylar in my opinion everything is very simple. If she didn't agree immediately - do not agree and then. In principle, there are exceptions to the rule, as is the case with Brandi. But this is diplomacy features. I'd be happy to be wrong and see Skylar in the arena U/S.
  • I like Jenna Foxx as well. VERY CURVY!
  • 41695_JessyDubai_SinnSage0011897

    I would like to see Sinn more often.
  • Sinn can't do competitive wrestling anymore due to an injury in the past. The shoot with Jessy was a fantasy shoot.
  • I heard something about her injury, but did not think that she is so serious. The phrase "to see more" I assumed the emergence of Sinn W/A or E/B.
  • Wow sinn has participated recently in US match !!!
  • Yes, though it was a scripted, fantasy match.
  • Ariel X please think about star nine she been on several of kink site I would love to see her on US
  • Is this the "Star Nine" you were thinking of? Haven't seen her much lately although she use to be quite active as a bondage model.
    Star Nine 01
  • Yes she now goes by star nine I think she be great on US
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