can´t download

Hi, I´m looged in as a member but there is no download or view button at the scenes. The view is the same as I´m not logged in, I see only the "join" and "buy this Scene" buttons. Same problem with IE10 and firefox. I also wrote to the support, no reaction since two days. Can anybody help?


  • If you're logged in and still see the "join" or "buy scene" button, it probably means, that your subscription has expired. Have you checked your Kink account page through the "Manage Subscriptions" tab on the drop-down menu (when you click on the button on the upper right side of every Kink site). Your membership and it's validation should be listed there. If you can't find anything, please contact KINK Customer service here: They can help you out.
  • @ichbins1 - you have multiple accounts. The support team wrote you back, you are now subscribed on your other username. The ichbins1 username does not have a subscription, you can contact support to have this account closed to prevent any future mixups.
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