The Actual "Bringing Back of Derek Pain"

The latest 30 Minutes shoot is listed as "Bringing Back Some of Our Favorites" and as "New." New it is not. However there is no question that Derek Pain is undoubtedly one of the all time favorite Kink models as evidenced by the many comments on all of his shoots and in the Forums. Any post in the Forums with his name in the title receives views that far outnumber any other posts. So that being said, why is he not being brought back for new shoots instead of posting reruns of his old shoots? Nothing wrong with them obviously. But it is time to see new action from the favorite, Derek Pain. There are many new challenges for Derek that have been requested by members and even suggested by Derek himself. I have heard that Derek has to travel a long distance to get to San Francisco. So why not bring him out once and film several shoots at that time? A 30 Minutes shoot, a Bound Gods shoot, a Bound in Public shoot, a Men on Edge shoot, and I am guessing that the ladies at Divine Bitches might also enjoy getting their hands on him. Maybe 5 shoots in a couple of days period of time is a lot but don't tell me that Mr. Indestructible can't handle it. So, Sebastian, honor the members requests and save some costs at the same time. Bring back Derek for some new, live action. Enough of the reruns.
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