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We are thinking of cancelling. The search isn't narrowed to your channel or preferences. My SO finds it to be a turnoff (wwf not our cup of tea)
a. preferences (straight, gay etc) are ignored on search
b. search no longer can be narrowed to a channel
c. if you are interested in devine bitches , please allow search/tags from there instead of "all websites and often not related to your search"
d. let us be able to filter non-included content (like other sites but not included in kink membership).
e. add more tags/categories to your backlog. allow users to tag.
f. allow star/favoriting videos or adding to your own collection
g. allow star search by channel (devine bitches etc) or at least videos only and not sister sites not included with membership.
h. several "men in pain" videos no longer stream.
i. CEI videos ;)


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    The search function is still a work in progress, more advanced searching based on the tags that we've already started creating and adding will solve a lot of the problems you're reporting here.
    a. While we are aware that a general search (such as by model name or whatever) will turn up both gay and straight results, if you search by clicking on a shoot tag you will get results that are only straight, if that is your preference.
    b/c/d. This will be included in future search improvements, as well as channel-specific tags.
    e. Tags are basically a brand new feature and we have a backlog that's almost 20 years old, please be patient, we are working on that! We also will be introducing an ability for users to suggest tags - these would have to be approved by the support team to prevent trolling and abuse, for obvious reasons.
    f. This is coming!
    g. The end goal is for you to be able to, for example, say, "I remember that one shoot where some girl named Katharine did anal on Sadistic Rope and it was amazing" and then search for anal, Katharine, Sadistic Rope and find
    h. Please let us know which specific shoots have problems and we can look further into that, you can either comment on the shoot, post here in the Tech Support thread, or email :D
    i. I'm sure we have some, somewhere, we just need to find and tag them! :) However, if you'd like to see more CEI in future shoots, you can suggest that in the Divine Bitches thread or comment on DB shoots that this is what you would like to see. Madeline (all of our directors, really, but that's her site) is pretty awesome about listening to fan suggestions.
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