Return to the origins of TTOO

Just sex and submission now. just dungeon sex. Where is the training for the upper floor. Training slave to serve. Testing their endurance. I think its because you cqnt get the prima dona's to "do the work".


  • Dear jereg,

    I dream also from the very great old, TTOO and TUF time.
    Really I do not know why it is so difficult for TTOO to go back to the origins of TTOO and the unique old concept of TTOO.

    All the best
    Best regards
    Have a nice time
    SirMastermind Peter
  • I would like this as wel. I rewatched some of the first TTOO scenes last week and the difference is striking. They steered away from the training and moved more to SaS. Every new update even has almost the same structure, so there is even no diversity between the recent scenes.
  • I agree...the older TTOO shoots were really good!
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